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13/12/1445 (19 يونيو 2024)
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Today's the grand opening of the waa'la without exaggeration was great and inspiring.

2010 B.jpg

I am in Addis, a bit feeling tired and cold.

Today's the grand opening of the waa'la without exaggeration was great and inspiring.   I will be brief,  first, we had a lively demonstration that was focused on refugees which brought up all waa'la participants of diverse background together in highly excited mood and frankly the demonstration did highlight Eritrean diverse culture, ethnic, language and etc..  

The walla was opened Bezikri ne Kulom Suwate and very interesting song of 70's in honor our martyrs was sang too. We also remembered Hawina Tesfawenie Mesfin Redda who died in car accident recently while he was travelling from Sudan to Ethiopian to attend the Walla.

After that including member of the waa'la committee, Hawena Beshir Isaqe and Amha Demenico made speech in arabic and tigrinya respectively.  They talked about the committee and its ups and downs in brief...

Then, hawiena Tewelde Gebreselasie also made speech in Tigrinya stressing that we should avoid all unprocuctive partisian competition to meet the call of our people and this momonet do call to act just that.

Next, Mr. Mekutare Adere member of the EPRDF of Ethiopia (Ehiwedege)  exceutuive branch made a speech in Amharic highlighting its party  committment and the willingness to help out Eritrean democatic forces that are engeged in bringing democarcy in Eritrea. By the way Mr. Mekutare was an honorary guest for the opening day.

And the following individaul also made speech on the behalf of their respective organization,

1)  Josephe Magnette a white canadian who is here to do presentation in regards how to live and build a nation that has diverse peoplulation, langauage and calture.

2) Then religion leaders from both Muslim and Christian made speech and both pass on their plea,blessings and the need for unity of the people.  Sheke Mhamudde Slhe Abrahaim and Abba Habtmaryam also made speech on behalf of Abba Tewelde Berhane.

3) Respresentative of women organizations haftena Asgedet Gebreyhoannes from Holland and Haftena from   Asia Gasse Australia also made a speech stressing women rights, the need for unity and human rights...

4) Respresentative Association of Eritrean Journalists in Exile (AEJE) Mr. Tedros Abraham also made speech highlighting the need for unity and the need for reconcilation.

5) Mr. Hamude Edris from Sudan also made an interesting speech on Behalf of about 430,000 Eritrean refugees who live in 24 refuggess camp.

6) A young Eritrean Hawenna Monhusse Muntsarre Abdella from Australia  New Zealand also made a speech.

7) Hawenna  Kibrom Debru representative from Canada also made Speech in English stressing EDA to work for accountabklity, transparency....

Finally Abona Yabtmaryam Abraha  from London also made an intresting speech full of wisdom and plea that wowww and  made the attendees smile.  His speech was the highlight of the day...becuase as earderly he demanded that the leadership of EDA to come gother to shake hands and embrace each other and they did and it was the best seen there is for that day...  Of course, Abona Yabtmaryam Abraha  pointed out that our major problem is  us and our behavior of *(Helqkie) "stubborness"..and he suggested that the poletical opposition leaders to overcome their Halqkie.

The opening days was extremly organized more than I expected and went smooth, and I hope and I pray that the rest of days go the same.

Provided I have connection, and feeling ok I will be reporting  at paltalk room, at 4:00PM Ethiopian time...for me it is easy to do the talk than than writting..and I hope you join me there..(look out for my name in any room that is open and willing to listen to my brief report.)

Where ever we, weather we are in Eritrean refugge camps Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt,  Libya or fancy city of London or Los Angeles , it is expected that we have differente of views.  However, I hope and I pray we Eritreans manage to go beyond (Heliqkie) and get the the wisdom and the couarge to make this rear and historical waa'la sucessful.

Hopefully,  EDA and the media will release the pictures, audio and video of the grand opening.  As far as equitable represenation of Christian and Muslim at the the waa'la,  it not even moderately skewed, well with the margin of error give and take (5+ or -) it is not some thing to be concerened

Please note this is my personal report  and please forgive me for any spelling & grammer error.   

Thank you in advance for sharing and spreading this inforamtion.  Together we will fight and together we will win !

I will keep in touch.

Daniel Tewelde

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