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Press Statement on the Formation of Coordinating Committee for Network of Eritrean National Democratic Forces

Press Statement on the Formation of

Coordinating Committee for Network of

Eritrean National Democratic Forces


A Coordinating Committee for National Democratic Forces (NDF) is formed as of 9 October 2011 by Eritreans from different walks of life that have been networking since the start of the current year.

This network of a mass movement has adopted terms of reference laying down the guiding principles and objectives aiming to promote and oversee partnership work among Eritrean groups and individuals that believe in people-centred peaceful means of struggle for democratic change, rule of law and representative democratic governance in Eritrea.  

The Coordinating Committee for the aligned forces is composed of civil society movements, political and media organizations as well as individuals representing different cities and bigger geographical regions in the world. All CC/NDF members have common understanding of the current situation of Eritrea and its people and possess common vision for the post-PFDJ era in their country. One of their central objectives is effectively mobilizing the people inside Eritrea and abroad for positive change.

The guiding principles of the Coordinating Committee for the National Democratic Forces include:

  • Guaranteeing and strengthening Eritrean people’s unity in diversity;

  • Defending  national sovereignty and territorial integrity;

  • Promoting  peaceful management and resolution of conflicts;

  • Unconditional respect to human rights;

  • Championing the establishment of representative democratic governance, and work hard for the timely transition from dictatorship to democracy in Eritrea;

  • Independence from harmful external political influences and interferences; and

  • Upholding regional fraternity between the peoples of the Horn of Africa.

The newly formed Coordinating Committee of the aligning pro-democracy forces has in turn designated a seven-person Executive Committee who are: Ambassador Humed Kulu, Chairman; Ms Meron Estefanos, Vice-Chairwoman; Amare Ghebre, Secretary; Tsegai Negash, Treasurer; Rezene Habte, member; Woldeyesus Ammar, member and Abdurahman Sayed, member. The Executive Committee is expected not only to effectively direct work of the mass movement but also show steady achievement in:

-       Widening networking of the movement;

-       help define the lofty objectives and components of peaceful struggle;

-       clarify to the general public  the true meaning of representative democracy, and

-       at all times assist, facilitate and provide resources to all NDF members to help them deliver and move effectively in realizing the national aims stipulated in the movement’s terms of reference.

The Coordinating Committee for NDF 

9 October 2011


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