We welcome you to join us in our Book Discussion with the author "Of Kings And Bandits" Saleh Gadi Johar.
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Dear Brothers & Sisters,

We wish you and your loved ones Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving.

We welcome you to join us in our
Book Discussion with the author "Of Kings And Bandits" Saleh Gadi Johar.  We are honored to have our next guest speaker Mr. Saleh Gadi, the founder of www.awate.com and an author of the recently published book Of Kings And Bandits.


The book recounts the historical, cultural, and religious aspects of a war-torn society from the perspective of a young boy.  It is a story of how the violence and cruelty of war strips children of innocence and forces them to carry the burdens of adulthood prematurely.  


The book Of Kings And Bandits is receiving rave reviews by many Eritreans and friends of Eritrea.  Some of the readers will be participating in person at this book discussion and you can read the reviews and comments of the readers here: Reviews and comments about the book Of Kings And Bandits.


This special book discussion program will run as follows:


1. Opening remarks by moderator of the room, the moderator will call the room to order and then the moderator will introduce the person who would introduce the writer and the book briefly.


2. Saleh will give an overview of why he wrote the book and the process of writing it.


3. Conclusion: Saleh on the future of writing and how negarit media will play a role in the publishing business.


4. Questions & comments from readers and attendees 


Paltalk Room Name: Eritrean Room for Strong United Opposition

  Saturday, November 27, 2010

Time:  21:00PM Berline / 15:00PM NYC / 12:00Noon Seattle / 23:00PM Ethiopia & Sudan

For more information about Mr. Saleh Gadi and the program in Tigrinya announcement አገዳሲ ህዝባዊ ሓቤረታ for this program.  You can follow this program online live here: http://eritrea.zxq.net/

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