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ENCDC Washington Branch

Er Na Com Jan  2011.jpg

ENCDC Washington Branch

The Washington branch of the Eritrean national Commission for Democratic change congratulates Eritrean Youth Global Movement – EYGM for its 2nd congress, held on March 11th, 2011 - Las Vegas, USA. Your congress which is being held in this important and unique period in history, where some countries in Africa and Middle East are witnessing the surge of uprising revolutions that have re-shaped the world. We witness decade’s old tyrants collapsing by the real people who are backed by principles, dignity, and dynamic activities that led and will lead to a new era of freedom. And all those revolutions are about to bring justice and democracy.

We wish your congress to come up with concrete proposals that enhance and advance the collective efforts of the Eritrean National Commission for Democratic Change in order to protect our people from the forced displacement to strip the country of its future offspring and to end the injustice, the criminal acts, and brutal dictatorial regime perpetrated by the bloody hands of the tyrannical regime PFDJ. Now it’s time for everyone to work hand by hand and contribute towards a better and brighter future for the voiceless ones. We call upon you to join us in the process of building new nation and generations through the process of our upcoming NATIONAL CONGRESS.

Again, we wish you a successful congress.

The Washington branch of the Eritrean National Commission for Democratic Change

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