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10/10/1441 (01 يونيو 2020)
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Urgent Appeal

Urgent Appeal

Er Na Com Jan  2011.jpg

           The refugee situation in Libya has become a tragic especially for refugees who do not have countries to take care of, as Mr. Antonio Guterres, High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR, stressed that : "The refugee from Iraq, Sudan, Somalia and other poor countries are stuck in Libya and in need of assistance to survive ... Also many press reports confirms that the situation of the refugee in the Libyan-Tunisia borders getting worse , as thousand of displaced Arabs, Africans and Asian trying to flee the country. About the Eritrean refugee in Libya we following a frequent reports from there for the suffering of a large group as result of the serious situation that exists there, where there are thousands of Eritreans , especially in the western region of Libya, specifically in the city, "Tripoli".

We can summarize the suffering of the Eritrean Refugee in the following :
1 - They can not get out of their homes even to buy their foods,  fearing of exposure to risk from both sides of the conflict, by virtue of that Africans and foreigners are accused of "mercenaries" for Kadhafi or the opposition. Some from the Eritreans now have been displaced from their homes and are in the open.

 2 - The absence of any authority which can provide them help or assistance, as they do not expect to have any attention from the Eritrean government.
3 - Their inability to get out of the city of "Tripoli" to go to any other safe place.
       From here we appeal to all International Organizations such as International Red Cross and all humanitarian organizations, Human Rights Watch and other States to provide urgent help to save the lives of those trapped Eritreans in Libya, women, children and young people.

Eritrean National Commission for Democratic Change 

Netherlands Branch


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