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After a Successful Conference, EYC-EYSC Adapts a Name, Vision Document and Announces Its Leadership Team

After a Successful Conference, EYC-EYSC Adapts a Name, Vision Document and Announces Its Leadership Team

June 4, 2012 – Following its successful coordination of the Eritrean Youth Conference in Washington, D.C., that was held May 25 – May 27, 2012, the Eritrean Youth for Change – Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change (EYC-EYSC) has adopted the name Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change  (EYSC), officially approved its amended document “Our Vision for a Swift Victory” and elected a leadership team to serve for a term of one year.

It is to be recalled that the two sisterly youth organizations EYC and EYSC had merged in February, 2012 to form EYC-EYSC and now they will continue to forge ahead and lead the fight against dictatorship in Eritrea under the name “EYSC”. With local chapters in Oakland, Los Angeles, Houston and Toronto in North America, and several more in Europe, EYSC is striving to become a formidable, youth-led grassroots organization world-wide.

After conducting a lively public debate and discussion during the conference in Washington, EYSC has now amended its vision document and expanded its mission to include not only to fight to get rid of dictatorship in Eritrea, but also to play an active role to ensure a swift transition to democratic governance takes place in the aftermath.

In accordance with its bylaws, EYSC has elected its Board Members to lead the organization through the end of its fiscal year ending in May 2013. The following members were elected to serve as officers and members of the 2012-2013 Executive Committee:

Daniel G. Mikael – Chairman

Solomon Ghebreyesus – Vice Chairman

Alem Habtay – Secretary

Yonas Ghebremariam – Treasurer

Aaron Berhane – Public Relations/Media Director


The fearless, action oriented culture; the decentralized organizational structure; and independent spirit that has been the core culture of EYSC will remain intact. The organization will also continue to focus on online and offline mass mobilization, lobbying the world community to pressure the Eritrean regime, call on the Eritrean people and its armed forces to rise up and demand change.


Eritrean Youth Solidarity for Change  (EYSC)

Email: info@eysc.net

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/eritreanyouth

Website: www.eysc.net

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