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Coordinators for Eritrean NDF Adopt Important Decisions, Including Future Work Plan and Logo

Coordinators for Eritrean NDF Adopt Important.jpg

Coordinators for Eritrean NDF Adopt Important

Decisions, Including Future Work Plan and Logo


The Coordinating Committee of the recently formed Eritrean National Democratic Forces (CC/ENDF) held its second extraordinary meeting on 13 November 2011on important agenda items that included reviewing current developments, discussing  opportunities and problems being encountered, and finalizing the work plan for the next six months.

Chaired by Ambassador Humed Kullu, the Coordinating Committee introduced changes in the executive body  by electing Mr. Amare Ghebre as its Vice-Chairman in place of Ms. Meron Estefanos who encountered unforeseen time constraints at this moment. Mr. Netsere Teweldemedhin of UK was elected as the Secretary.

The meeting expressed satisfaction with the steadily growing awakening of Eritrean youths who are partly inspired by the Arab Spring and also angrily reacting to the worsening situation of the Eritrean people inside the homeland and the refugees suffering and dying in many places.

The Coordination Committee adopted its logo which shows a large assembly of people under a tree, symbolizing the Eritrean people’s aspiration and struggle for democracy and rule of law. The olive branch in the logo, which is found in all Eritrean flags, is taken as a national icon. The red circle stands for the martyrdom of Eritrean heroes over the past 70 years and the sanctity of its national unity and territorial integrity, while the blue colour is a symbol of peace and national identity in Eritrea.

The meeting adopted a work plan for the forthcoming period on efforts needed in consolidating membership and organizational structure, identifying key policy areas, and immediate tasks to be taken in promoting public relations activities, restructuring media outlets and diplomacy.

The Coordinating Committee is expected to hold series of extraordinary meetings within the coming months until the newly launched movement (ENDF) takes its proper shape for solid action.   


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