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13/10/1441 (04 يونيو 2020)
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Eritrean Liberation Front in lines


Eritrean Liberation Front

Culture and information Office

Eritrean Liberation Front in lines

* Eritrean Liberation Front(ELF) is national democratic organization, struggles to anchor political diversity, and strives for freedom  of Eritrean people , grantee their humanitarian rights and realizing of justice ,equality and democracy by all means of struggle .

*ELF foundation was in June 1960 by star Eritrean by the leadership of the national symbol Sheikh Idris Mohammed Adem, and made(No alternative to Eritrea full independence) its  basic slogan as alive embody for the need of our people in refusal of  foreign colonization.

* Its birth was natural extension of all types of previous struggle , logical development in the series of Eritrean National Resistance project against foreign occupation and it is an essential station to lift the national struggle to the needed  provocation level.

*It detonated the armed struggle at the first of September 1961 from the mouth of the martyr Hamid Idris Awate's Gun and his mates of the first squadron on receiving our rights, exemplary means and powerful to break the obstinacy of the Ethiopian occupation at the time.

*It was possible for it with patient and hardness of it's strugglers to unsuccessful the bet of the regime of the Emperor in playing by the paper of religion and culture diversity and was able to put all Eritrean in fight against the enemy .And it succeeded in becoming the true representative of our people's wishes and needs in freedom and independence.

*It broke out the enclosure of information isolation and appeared with it's issue and raised it's people voice to the region and the world and realized political and diplomatic success and in all fields  for the benefit of freedom and independence process in our country.

* It have achieved a big and successive victory in the field of war against the colonization and the Eritrean Liberation Army have registered huge bravery and historical battles which remain pride for all Eritrean and for all those like freedom in the world for ever and it stretched to all parts of Eritrean in short period of time through it's activities during the public liberation war

*It transformed since the middle of the seventieth, after liberating the rural regions to the level of liberating the towns and cities step by step and was able to liberate most of the Eritrean cities.

*It implanted successful projects to fight against illiteracy and diseases in the public by opening schools and clinics in different parts of Eritrea

*It has presented assistance to the struggle of the Ethiopian people and helped them on the fight against injustice and it played a crucial role in the collapse of the Ethiopian colonialist regimes (Haile Sellassie - Mengistu Haile mariam ).

*it strengthens its experience in addition to the Eritrean Liberation Army from another National streams and bodies and groups like the General Eritrean Trade Union. Awate Youth Organization. The General Union Eritrean Student. The general Eritrean Women Association. Eritrean Peasants Association. Eritrean Teachers Union. Association of the Eritrean Authors and Journalists. The Eritrean Lawyers Association .

*ELF had played historical and device role for the succeed of the referendum in1993 G.C when most Eritrean people reserved by refusing the Eritrean to the Autocratic Style of Assaias's regime by the declaration which calls the Eritrean to succeed the referendum process and the respond to the fronts call from our people was big and huge .

*It has exerted a big efforts and under taking for the sake of the Eritrean national unity and it had played a basic role in all national unification attempts of Eritrean groups before liberation .After the liberation ELF continued it's role in unite the Eritrean Resistance Front and was a founding member of Eritrean National Alliance in 1996G.C and Eritrean National Alliance Group in 1999 G.C whose name became Eritrean National in 2002 G.C, and the Eritrea Democratic Alliance in 2006 , and the Eritrean Solidarity Front in 2009 and the National Dialogue Forum for Democratic Change and the National Commission for Democratic Change.   

*Its organizational bases are built up on democratic principles and group leadership. and its general conferences are conducted in accordance with the constitutional law which is decided by the conferences.

*Its structure is built up on :1-General National Conference 2-Central Council 3-Excutive Committee.4- The Branches.

*Responsibilities of the National Conference: 1-Evaluating the phase: 2- Designing general plan for the works of the front: 3- Selecting the leadership. Until Now ELF had convened (8) National General Conferences. 

*It has built struggle relations with liberation forces in the world and consolidated brotherly relationship with the Arab Countries. *The Eritrean Liberation Front  honors the will of our people and is strongly struggling side by side with the other Eritrean national organizations to restore the legitimacy of the rule from the cruel dictatorial regime of lssaias to the hands of the Eritrean people in order to decide their political fate in free Eritrea.     

With greetings of the Culture and information Office

* On the fifty one anniversary of establishing the Eritrean Liberation Front, and the Golden Jubilee of the brake out of the Eritrea great armed struggle.


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